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PURE-AIR industrial fume purifier, laser fume purification equipment, efficient in removing fume and dust!

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Laser fume purification equipment has always been the first choice for many manufacturing and processing industries, because its efficient dust removal efficiency, simple operation and cleaning, and perfect after-sales service are the fundamental reasons for the popularity of these equipment!

With the continuous progress of society, the industry is developing faster and faster, but health has become a major issue. To prevent and control the occurrence of these diseases, Smoke purifier has become an indispensable device. As we all know, the fume purifier is mainly used for the smoke and dust generated in the process of welding, polishing, cutting, frosting, and the recovery of rare metals and precious materials. It can purify a large number of metal particles suspended in the air.

Smoke purifier

This machine has high purification efficiency, low noise, flexible use and small space occupation. Moreover, the equipment is easy to operate, easy to clean and maintain, and undergoes special shock absorption and noise reduction treatments to ensure that the equipment is environmentally friendly. The smoke purifier has so many advantages, how does it work? How is this done? The main function of the flue gas purifier is through the gravitational force of the fan, the welding fume exhaust gas is sucked into the air inlet of the equipment through the universal dust hood, and the air inlet of the equipment is equipped with a flame arrester. 

Environmental protection fume removal equipment

 First, the coarse dust is directly dropped into the ash hopper, and the particulate smoke is filtered out. After the particulate smoke is filtered by the filter element, it is adsorbed by the feeding air and the upwind airflow, and the filtered dust is directly discharged.

For more than 10 years, Dongguan PURE-AIR technology has been the first echelon of export of laser fume purification equipment in the industry, which also means that whether it is domestic or foreign high-quality Environmental protection fume removal equipment, PURE-AIR occupies a large position!

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