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PURE-AIR, explosion-proof vacuum cleaner, whole machine explosion-proof vacuum cleaner, manufactured by explosion-proof manufacturers!

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The instrument can be used to measure the mass concentration of dust in dangerous places such as dust pollution, dust explosion, etc., and use the principle of light induction for dust detection. Through 4-20mA or RS485 signal output, the detected data will be displayed on the display of the instrument for observation and recording, so as to realize the functions of on-site display of dust concentration value and on-site sound and light alarm. Whole machine explosion-proof vacuum cleaner

Aluminum powder for safe use of the whole Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner.

Industrial explosion-proof dust removal equipment

From a safety point of view, avoid the separation, accumulation and accumulation of aluminum powder in the factory. Indoor dust concentration should be controlled at the lowest level, and ventilation system should be adopted in accordance with local regulations. In short, avoid fire, sparks, and overheated surfaces.

The final conclusion.

Ping An is like the brilliant sunshine, illuminating our living home, illuminating everyone's life, and Ping An is like a strong bond that affects our lives and deaths. Relevant industries must fully understand the characteristics and hazards of aluminum powder and take preventive measures to prevent the tragedy from repeating.

PURE-AIR, Industrial explosion-proof dust removal equipment, Whole machine explosion-proof vacuum cleaner.

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