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PURE-AIR Laser Smoke Filter Keeps Companies Away From The Trouble Of Smoke And Dust!

Release date:2021-01-23 Source:Pure-Air Pageviews:-

Detailed introduction of PURE-AIR laser smoke filter.

1. Advantages of laser smoke filter and laser smoke purifier:

1. The integrated structure design and planning of the smoke filter, the device is simple and generous, and it is easy to move. The universal bamboo pipe does not need to lay the smoking pipe.

2. Brand high-power DC brushless motor with long life, low noise and high energy consumption ratio.

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3. The laser smoke filter has multiple filtering devices to ensure that the laser smoke filter filters out harmful substances in the smoke and maintains the safety of the staff.

4. Built-in smoke filtering and circulating air filtering method prevents indoor air-conditioning/heating from being discharged outdoors.

5. Multi-station planning, adjustable air volume, PPR material flexible smoking arm can be dispatched freely.

6. Low-noise planning, single-station or double-station planning, adjustable air volume, directional air duct scheduling, and free positioning.

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2. Laser smoke filter, laser smoke purifier application field

The smoke purification filter system can effectively absorb and filter the smoke and dust generated in the welding, laser marking, laser engraving and other processing processes, and at the same time it can absorb the toxic and harmful gases and dust, such as hydrocarbons. The role of filtration prevents environmental pollution.

The above is mainly from the characteristics and application fields of the laser smoke filter itself to analyze the characteristics and effects that laser processing companies should pay attention to when choosing laser smoke filters.

PURE-AIR is a laser smoke filter manufacturer with industry experience. There are many applications of laser environmental protection equipment and a wide range of products, which are suitable for the needs of various laser processing companies at home and abroad.

If you want to buy smoke purifier ,please contact DongGuan PURE-AIR Tech Co,Ltd.Thank you.