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Pure-Air factory insist on manufacturing high-quality accessories

Release date:2021-01-11 Source:Pure-Air Pageviews:-

Pure-Air Factory Insist On Manufacturing High-quality Accessories

perseverance make Pure-Air fume extractor factory stand out among many companies. Manufacturers of industrial smoke and dust purification equipment such as environmental protection dust collectors have consistently pursued high-quality accessories.

The use of high-quality, high-reliability, long-life, safe and stable accessories can make the dust purification equipment such as the environmental protection dust collector and other dust purification equipment to maximize the efficiency. It can also help production and processing enterprises to purify the heavy dust and smoke pollution in the workshop.

What is it for? The use of these high-cost accessories is to allow the equipment to function well in harsh environments and also ensure the stability of equipment such as dust collectors.

The Siemens motor is used as the core power of the product, which makes the machine run efficiently while being safe and stable. The use of Schneider's electrical controls further ensures that the dust collector will not be unusable due to the electric control switch in daily use. Dongguan Pure-Air factory adopts Japanese Toray polyester fiber coated filter cartridge to adhere a layer of sub-micron ultra-thin fiber to the general filter element, and then the arrangement of the fibers on the adhesive layer is fine and compact, with small filter holes It can block most of the sub-micron dust particles on the surface of the filter material, thereby filtering out the dust in the workshop; this filter element has a long service life, which greatly reduces the cost of replacing the filter element of the enterprise.

Dongguan Pure-Air factory has focused on the research and development and manufacturing of safe/smart/healthy dust collectors and other environmental protection equipment for 10 years. It has 5-fold safety protection, 10 professional technical standards, and 15 strict factory inspection procedures. Ensure that when clients buy dust collectors, they can buy and use them at ease.

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