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PURE-AIR Laser Cutting Smoke Filter Manufacturer Teaches You To Master The Key Points Of Laser Cutting Technology!

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The application of laser cutting machines is becoming more and more popular in the production of daily necessities. How to efficiently use laser cutting technology to produce processed products requires the operator of the laser cutter to have a good understanding of each and learn relevant professional knowledge, and more importantly, to continuously summarize experience in practice. Below, the PURE-AIR laser cutting smoke filter manufacturer will analyze several commonly used laser cutting technical parameters for you.

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To reduce the change of the focal spot size caused by the change of the beam size before the focus, many manufacturers of laser cutting equipment at home and abroad provide special devices for users to choose:

The laser collimator. This is a commonly used method on laser machines, that is, add a collimator to the output end of the CO2 laser for beam expansion. After the beam expands, the diameter of the beam becomes larger and the divergence angle becomes smaller, so that the near end is within the cutting working range It is close to the same size as the beam before the far end focus.

Add an independent lower axis of the moving lens to the laser head of the laser cutting machine, which is independent of the Z axis that controls the distance from the nozzle to the material surface. When the machine tool table moves or the optical axis moves, the beam moves from the proximal end to the distal F axis at the same time, so that the beam spot diameter remains the same in the entire processing area after the beam is focused.

Control the water pressure of the laser focusing lens (usually a metal reflective focusing system). If the beam size before focusing becomes smaller and the focal spot diameter becomes larger, the water pressure is automatically controlled to change the focus curvature to make the focal spot diameter smaller.

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PURE-AIR focuses on laser cutting smoke filter manufacturers, and has cooperated with many Fortune 500 companies to develop and manufacture laser cutting smoke filters.

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