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Laser welding fume extractor, welding fume extractor, is a professional welding fume extraction equipment for electric welding, laser cutting, polishing and other processes. It has a very good practical effect on the purification of floating particles in the air, and the high efficiency of system detection and purification can reach more than 99.9%. It can reasonably maintain the natural environment of the production workshop and the physical and mental health of employees.

Laser welding fume filter, welding fume purification equipment, filter cartridge design can ensure a large total filtering area, high purification efficiency, and good reliability; equipped with movable universal wheels, the theme activities are flexible, and the length is 2.5m-2m. Meet the needs of a variety of workplaces. The impulse ash removal design scheme can remove ash online without shutting down. The whole ash removal process is simple and does not require manual control. It is only necessary to transport the dust in the dust-collecting drawers on time.

The overhaul door and operating panel lock design scheme is easy to overhaul, and the internal structure is clear at a glance. The components are all high-quality well-known brands in the field, which ensures the long-term stable operation of the mobile dust removal equipment and welding fume purification equipment in the application.

laser welding fume filter

Laser marking machine filter welding fume purification equipment, when starting, only need to turn on the switch power, place the dust collection cover on or above the spot welding 20-30 cm, and everything can be used normally. The organic waste gas enters the organic waste gas purifier according to the collection hood. Sparks and large particles and smoke are isolated by the fire barrier on the side of the cover. The fine particles are again adhered to the surface of the filter cartridge evenly with the cyclone according to the baffle, accompanied by the continuous smoke and dust. Deposition, according to the single pulse control board to control the spouting time interval, according to the dust removal of the filter cartridge to ensure the cleaning of the filter cartridge, so that the electric welding welding smoke purification equipment has a certain air intake and purification efficiency. The purified clean vapor is discharged from the exhaust pipe under the effect of driving force.

When using mobile welding fume dust removal equipment and mobile dust suction equipment, the sealing characteristics should also be maintained and cleaned regularly, and attention should be paid to the efficient operation of wearable parts.

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