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PURE-AIR professional explosion-proof vacuum cleaner, energy saving, environmental protection, safe and reliable!

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Flour milling industry is one of the industries with the most serious dust explosion hazards. It is a legal obligation to evaluate the systems and components of the food and feed sector and design them in accordance with relevant regulations. In this regard, the components and mechanical design used by the milling department must comply with legal requirements, and manufacturers using the system must apply for certification to the national professional certification agency to sell professional Explosion-proof vacuum cleaners.

Dust explosion refers to an explosion that occurs when the density of particles in the air exceeds a certain range due to the detonation effect. At present, such explosions occur in almost all fields of industry, and are very important to equipment safety and occupational health. Combustible solids suspended in the air or any oxidizing environment, regardless of their size and shape, have the risk of fire or explosion, and belong to explosive dust. Dust, that is, particles suspended in the air, is a phenomenon that may occur during grain transportation, loading, unloading, storage, and weighing.

Professional explosion-proof vacuum cleaner

PURE-AIRProfessional explosion-proof vacuum cleaner. Dust explosives in the food industry mainly include powdered sugar, flour, starch, milk powder, cocoa powder, instant coffee, condiments, etc.

Dust is generally defined as particles suspended in the air. The volume of these particles varies with the environment by less than 0.1 μm, but 0.1-10 μm particles cannot be suspended in the air. Only when the air circulation is restricted, such as warehouses and storage rooms, the air will stop flowing, and all kinds of dust generated by fibers, flannel or solids can cause an explosion. Solids that have a particle size of less than 500 microns and can be suspended in the air for a certain period of time are also considered dust.

Explosion-proof dust collector

PURE-AIR professional Explosion-proof dust collector. The formation of explosive dust in the atmosphere and the intensity of the explosion caused by flame propagation are all related to the concentration of oxygen and combustibles. Tests have shown that when the concentration is lower or higher than the specified density value, the dust will not explode. All kinds of dust with a diameter of less than 0.5mm have a certain explosiveness, and the moisture content affects the explosion strength, and the dry dust increases the explosion strength.

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