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PURE-AIR workshop dust explosion-proof vacuum cleaner, manufacturing, the whole machine explosion-proof dust collector!

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Can flour be detonated? Workshop dust explosion-proof vacuum cleaner.

When the flour in the air reaches a certain concentration, it will explode when exposed to fire, and the explosive is the flour itself.

Dust becomes "explosive" because the surface of the dust is very thick. Compared with bulk materials, dust has the characteristics of chemical activity, large contact area with air, more adsorbed oxygen molecules, and rapid oxidation and heat release. If a piece of dust is ignited by a flame, under the right conditions, a chain reaction will occur like an atomic bomb, causing an explosion.

Dust explosion-proof vacuum cleaner

The flour mill needs to grind the wheat into very fine flour, and the grinding consumes electric energy, and does work on the ground material to make it broken. Among them, part of the work done in the smashing process is converted into energy and stored on the surface of the smashed material particles. This energy is called surface energy in both physics and chemistry. For some substances, the greater the degree of fragmentation and the smaller the particles, the greater the surface area and the greater the surface energy.

Because the surface energy of dust is so high, compared with large dust, it is very easy to undergo physical or chemical changes and release a lot of energy. 

Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner

This view is well understood, because the high water level has more potential energy than the low water level, so it will flow to the low water level. Therefore, usually seemingly unimportant fine dust, under proper conditions, fully mixed with air, after encountering a fire, it will quickly undergo a violent combustion reaction, releasing huge energy in an instant, which is a terrible thing ——The same goes for flour explosions. Workshop Dust explosion-proof vacuum cleaner.

Both powdery substances and sugar substances contain combustible substances such as carbon and hydrogen. Although both flour and sugar are flammable, we know from daily life that they will never burn like black powder. Dust particles play an important role in the explosion process. Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner for workshop dust.

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