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Pure-Air pulse dust collector industrial dust purification equipment manufacturers.

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Dongguan Pure-Air is a professional manufacturer of Pulse dust collector industrial dust purification equipment!

The centrifugal fan creates a vacuum pump under the moderate working pressure of the cyclone car, and the adsorption force caused by the blower motor reaches the range hood located around the dust discharge area according to the filtering system software and pipeline. The design of the range hood is dedicated to capturing a lot of dust.

The position of pulse dust collector&industrial dust purification equipment and the specifications of the fume hood determine the amount of dust collected. Once the dust is captured, it will be transmitted to the filter module according to the pipeline. In the filter module, the primary and intermediate level filtration is carried out according to the partitions. Large dust particles are filtered in the area. The fine dust particles of the gas pass through the bottom end of the tube-shaped bag filter, and the foundation of the dust particles settles on the filter bag. Surface surface.

dust purification equipment

The Pure-Air pulse dust collector can be heated to 400~500℃. This has always been an area out of reach of cloth bags and filter cartridges. From a certain basic principle, the principle of the cartridge filter and the bag filter is the same.

The difference between pulse dust collector&industrial dust purification equipment is:

1. The filtration precision is different, and the filtration precision of the cloth bag is generally within the range. The filtration precision of the filter cartridge is too low to be able to achieve the dust removal equipment with magnetic vibration.

2. Equipment maintenance and management are different. The maintenance of the filter cartridge dust collector is much more convenient than the maintenance of the cloth bag. Generally, if the dust collector equipment with the same exhaust air volume, the filter cartridge must be maintained for 1 day, and the cloth bag is less necessary. Three days.

PURE AIR dust collector

The most typical reason for the damage of the filter bag is that the surface layer of the filter material is stuck together or the dust plug caused by a part of the temperature and the corrosion caused by the composition of the organic chemical layer are exposed. The filter bag dust removal framework causes deformation, and abnormal cyclone smoke inside the filter bag can also cause the filter bag to damage the bag at a certain level.

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