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Pure-Air dust filtration system make you feel satisfied!

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Pure-Air pulse dust collector&industrial dust purification equipment professional manufacturer!

The dust collector equipment shown by you-dust collection-vacuum pump cleaning dust collector-bag filter, reverse single pulse jet type bag filter, belongs to the centralized ash removal solution, suitable for most of the reclaimers in the processing plant to discharge dust field. Pulse dust collector&industrial dust purification equipment can connect to more collectors with pipeline system software according to a centralized method. Everyone uses the vertical indoor space above the wooden floor of the processing plant to prevent the occupation of the wooden floor indoor space. Everyone's bag filter is structured to withstand harsh environments.

industrial dust purification equipment

Pure-Air industry dust removal machine is equipped with various filter bags, and various specifications of bag filter devices. The bag filter is a better machine and equipment, and it is also conducive to saving the natural environment. The single-pulse spouting system software in the dust removal equipment is the better system software.

The filter will operate under the condition that the gas pressure between the clean side and the dirty side of the filter components is relatively stable, and then provide relatively stable air for the solution of the automatic filter cleaning system software, and then collect dust The device is maintenance-free. The automatic control system is convenient for actual operation and actual operation, making all system software more and more customer-friendly. It can be customized according to the customer's requirements, so Pure-Air's dust collector can be applied to a variety of dust, such as viscosity, corrosion, dust explosion, etc.

dust removal machine

If you want to buy dust removal equipment, please contact with ‘Dongguan Pure-Air Tech Co.,Ltd.’.