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For brand environmental protection companies, the status of Welding flue gas purification equipment is very embarrassing, and it is impossible for small workshops to use high-quality and efficient welding fume purification equipment. Large enterprises may need more central welding systems, which makes it awkward for manufacturers of fume purification equipment to be in the middle.

So as a manufacturer of welding fume purification equipment and welding fume purification, is it necessary to continue to invest in research and development in this industry? The answer is yes, and of course it will continue. This refers to the achievements of PURE-AIR technology in the field of industrial fume purification equipment manufacturing. PURE-AIR technology was established in 2011, and at the beginning of its establishment, it was based on excellent quality and reliable quality. , energy saving and environmental protection, efficient purification, to define the dust purification equipment.

Manufacturer of welding fume purification

In the continuous human, material and financial resources invested in research and development, to ensure that the smoke and dust purification equipment of PURE-AIR technology can keep up with the changes in the market, and can make different and advanced industrial smoke and dust in today's market convergence today. purifying facility. The company has more than 20 technical R&D talents all the year round, and the first-line excellent production and assembly personnel also have 5-10 years of rich assembly experience in the industry, professional quality inspection personnel, and careful inspection of equipment. There are more supporting testing platforms to ensure that these equipments meet national standards or even European and American standards.

Industrial soot purification equipment

A series of strict requirements and standards higher than those in the industry make PURE-AIR technology's welding fume purification equipment still sold well in more than 100 countries and regions around the world during the 2020 epidemic, and these follow-up orders continue to follow up continuously.

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