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Pure-Air, the laser fume extractor R&D and manufacturer!

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A few years ago, the laser industry did not receive much attention from other supporting companies. Nowadays, the scale of laser-related industries is getting larger and larger, and many companies engaged in supporting laser equipment and laser processing have begun to pay attention to this industry. For example, products such as laser fume extractor. Pure-Air has been supporting laser equipment for more than 10 years. Other companies that used to be engaged in ventilation and purification of factory workshops have seen the rapid development of lasers in recent years, so they have followed the trend. This has led to uneven quality of laser fume extractor manufacturers.

CO2 laser machine filter

The laser industry chain is not just about optical devices, lasers and laser processing, but the laser platform has expanded and extended many supporting products. Laser has developed an industrial chain, and more and more companies participate in this industrial chain. As a link in the laser industry chain, the laser smoke purifier industry is very competitive. How to choose a good laser fume extractor is particularly important for laser processing companies.

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Dongguan Pure-Air Tech Co., Ltd., is a laser smoke purifier manufacturer with more than 10 years of R&D and manufacturing experience. Covers most of the smoke and dust purification problems required by laser processing. Relying on the rich experience in R&D and manufacturing of laser smoke purifiers, the products sell well in more than 50 regions at home and abroad, and provide high-quality and efficient laser smoke and dust purification equipment for many of the world's top 500 companies.