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Laser smoke purifier manufacturers, analyze the hazards in production for laser companies!

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Laser industrial processing is mostly used for marking, cutting, welding, cleaning, cladding, etc. of metals or non-metals. The laser can achieve the processing effect, the principle is to gather high energy to destroy the surface of the workpiece. When energy and materials interact, a small amount of harmful smoke and fine dust will be produced. Working in this environment, without any protection or purification equipment, is harmful to the staff. Therefore, laser equipment and workshops for long-term processing operations should have good ventilation and be equipped with laser smoke purifiers.

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When laser processing some non-metallic materials, some irritating smell of burning will appear, such as leather, wood, etc. In recent years, there have been many complaints about odors produced by laser processing companies. Therefore, most processing customers pay more and more attention to this environmental protection problem and are equipped with an energy-saving and environmentally friendly laser smoke purifier to deal with the trouble of smoke and dust.

Dongguan Pure-Air Tech Co., Ltd, as a pioneer in soot purification. With more than 10 years of R&D and manufacturing experience in the smoke and dust purification industry, Pure-Air's laser smoke purifiers are sold in more than 50 regions at home and abroad, and provide energy-saving and efficient smoke and dust purification equipment for many Fortune 500 companies.

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Remove smoke and dust, filter peculiar smell, and pass the environmental impact assessment! Just use Pure-Air laser smoke purifier!

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