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Workshop dust explosion-proof vacuum cleaner, PURE-AIR, the pioneer in the field of explosion-proof dust removal equipment!

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In the TV series "The Pretender," Ah Cheng blew up the noodle shop in the flour mill in order to destroy the evidence.

Except for drawing a few bags of flour, throwing the flames in the air, lighting a fire, everything is over, there is no other use.

What are the conditions for a dust explosion? Workshop Dust explosion-proof vacuum cleaner.

Dust itself is flammable. Combustible dust refers to the dust produced by violent oxidation reaction with gaseous oxidant (mainly air) under certain conditions;

Suspending dust in a limited space can reach explosive concentrations.

Sufficient detonation energy can cause dust explosions, and this energy can be manifested as flames, electrochemical reactions, and so on.

Workshop dust explosion-proof vacuum cleaner

Explosion-proof measures in powder workshop. Workshop dust explosion-proof vacuum cleaner.

Dust explosion accidents are more difficult to deal with, and it is very important to prevent the occurrence of dust explosion accidents.

First, remove dust.

Adopting good dust removal facilities is the first step to prevent dust in the plant. Measures such as enclosed equipment, ventilation and dust removal, dust suction, and humidification can be adopted. The fan of the device should be installed on the clean air side. It should be noted that flammable dust cannot use electric shock equipment, and metal dust cannot use wet electric shock equipment. Before the machine is started, it should be dust-removed first, and then started; when it is stopped, the opposite is true to prevent the machine from dusting.

Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner

All parts of the workshop should be equipped with dust-proof nets, and try to avoid installing some irrelevant equipment (for example: door curtains, door curtains, etc.). Pipes should not pass through the dust workshop as much as possible, and should be laid in the wall to prevent dust accumulation. In addition, when conditions permit, increasing moisture in the dust workshop can also encourage the dust workshop to increase moisture and prevent dust from forming clouds. In addition, the workshop dust Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner.

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