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PURE-AIR workshop dust removal equipment, workshop dust removal equipment 10 years of brand manufacturing.

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Hot nail dust collector, salon fume extractor has the advantages of small size, large exhaust air volume, compact structure, convenient use and reliability. The single-machine pulse dust collector is suitable for dust removal in transportation aircraft, bucket elevators, warehouse tops, warehouse bottoms, automatic packaging machines, cement clinker crushing, etc., single-machine pulse dust collectors are generally suitable for metallurgical industry, decorative building materials, chemical plants, mechanical equipment, Dust removal and purification treatment and raw material recycling of non-fiber industrial smoke and dust in various factories and mines such as mining. DMC series pulse gas generator dmc pulse cloth bag dust collector has strong ash removal capabilities, especially suitable for decentralized dust removal of small exhaust air volume construction sites. The model selection and processing technology layout are very simple, which can immediately solve the high concentration content. Dust organic waste gas improves the adaptability of the generator set.

hot sale fume extractor smoke evacuator

The hot sale fume extractor smoke evacuator has the following advantages in addition to the advantages of other stand-alone dust-removing generator sets: 1. On-line ash removal (compared with shaking stand-alone dust-removing generator sets, without stopping the centrifugal fan for ash removal);

The main purpose is more common. For continuous work places such as: conveyor belt transportation and shipping points, storage tops, storage bottoms, small and medium-sized ball mills, shredders, bucket elevators, etc., especially for places where the indoor space is small and there is no indoor space for changing bags.

hot sale portable nail beauty hair salon fume extractor

Hot sale portable nail beauty hair salon fume extractor principle The dusty vapor enters the silo from the air inlet (if there is no silo, it will directly enter the bag room), and then the dusty vapor enters the filter room equipped with a dust-removing cloth bag. The smoke and dust adhere to the outer surface of the dust bag, and the purified steam is fed into the upper shell from the filter material, and is discharged to the air by the exhaust fan through the exhaust system pipeline.

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