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Dongguan PURE-AIR, PCB circuit board dust collector, drilling dust removal equipment!

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A lot of dust will be formed during the whole process of drilling machine processing and manufacturing of pcb circuit board factory, and the diameter of the hole is small, which requires the application of technical professional high negative pressure drilling industrial air cleaner to solve it.

Drilling dust removal equipment

Problems that will arise during the whole process of drilling:

1. There is an error between the requirements of environmental assessment and the specific manufacturing.

2. Drilling ash removal is a very unique processing technology for dust removal equipment, because the working pressure of the drilling machine must be above 15000pa. In the case of selecting a centrifugal fan, the negative pressure of the centrifugal fan is very important.

industrial air fume extractor

3. At present, the working pressure of the drilling dust removal equipment is not up to the stipulation, which will not only cause the high frequency of common failures of the spindle bearing of the drilling machine, but also cause the hole wall burr and even the plug hole due to the dust on the hole. industrial air fume extractor

Drilling dust removal equipment

For the above-mentioned problems, when selecting drilling dust removal equipment, you must choose a professional dust removal equipment manufacturer. Xinlan Environmental Protection has many years of drilling dust removal equipment work experience, and 11 years of dedicated PCB factory dust removal equipment can show a reasonable solution.

Dongguan PURE-AIR Technology focuses on the manufacturing of industrial ash smoke extractor puller air purify for laser, with excellent industry quality for 10 years.

If you want buy fume extractor, please contact with Dongguan Pure-Air Tech Co.,ltd, E-mail: sales@pure-airtech.com.