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Several Methods Of Dust Pollution Purification Measures, PURE-AIR Dust Collector!

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In industrial production and processing, a large amount of smoke and dust is sometimes generated, which will affect the lives and health of employees and surrounding residents. In order to prevent and control dust pollution and to obtain environmental protection approval, many companies have installed environmental protection treatment facilities and professional collections. For equipment such as dust collectors, what are the several methods of dust purification measures?On-site dust removal system, that is, dust collector.

dust collector manufacturer

That is to say, the dust collector is located directly near the production and processing, collecting dust on the spot and purifying the dust-containing air. It can specifically solve the dustproof problem of one device or one or two dust points. The characteristics of the dust collector are:

1. Single point dust removal, simple system, compact layout, easy operation, convenient maintenance and management;

2. Small size, low power, reliable operation and low cost.

3. Flexible and convenient, can move at will

4. The automatic dust removal system is convenient for maintenance by later personnel.

5. Imported filter element with high filtration efficiency.

The other is a large central dust collection system


The large-scale dust collection system concentrates many dust production points and even the dust production points of the whole workshop or the whole plant into a dust removal system for processing. It is suitable for the situation where there are many dust production points, relatively concentrated, large exhaust air volume at each point, and conditions for setting up large-scale dust removal facilities. The characteristics of the centralized dust removal system are:

1. Large processing air volume and many connected dust removal and exhaust points;

2. Centralized arrangement of dust removal equipment, large dust discharge, is conducive to the unified treatment and recycling of dust, and reduces secondary dust.

However, it occupies a large area, and the investment and operating costs are high; the pipe network is long, the resistance is large, it is not easy to balance, the pipeline equipment is easy to wear and block, the operation is complicated, and the operation adjustment is difficult.

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