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The price of mobile dust removal equipment, how much is the polishing and polishing dust collector, PURE-AIR factory direct sales!

Release date:2021-04-24 Source:Pure-Air Pageviews:-

PM2.5 is a problem that people are increasingly concerned about in recent years. In response to the great shadow of PM2.5, the store has successively released various types of smoke and dust treatment environmental protection machinery, including commercial, household, industrial, etc., especially It was a small amount of winter sales that once soared. However, the environmental pollution of smoke and dust must be tackled from the root cause. Therefore, more and more processing plants apply smoke and dust purifiers to solve the dust and dense smoke caused during the production process, especially Laser laser cutting, laser marking, etc., the welding fume exhaust system on the market at this stage, the characteristics, appearance and price of laser fume purifiers are very different, and it is not clear how to choose when buying laser fume exhausters! The price of mobile dust removal equipment, how much is the polishing and polishing dust collector.

welding fume extraction

For different laser production and processing natural environments, different types of fume purifiers must be used, such as: laser cutting fume treatment purifier, laser laser marking dust odor purifier, welding fume extraction, laser welding fume extraction Wait. So what should we pay attention to when buying a laser fume purifier? I will give everyone a new trick in the following aspects: the price of mobile dust removal equipment, how much is the polishing dust collector

1. Master the characteristics of the natural environment of production and processing before purchasing, what is the amount of dust:

Before buying a laser smoke purifier, you must find out the total area of the laser console, the concentration of smoke caused during work, the average daily working time, etc. This is beneficial to selecting the corresponding model and specification of the smoke purifier, reducing costs. Increase the use time of the vacuum cleaner filter element!

welding fume extraction price

2. Purification technology method:

The key to purification technology at this stage is physical filtration, chemical equation dissolution filtration, positive ion technology, and electrostatic induction dust collector. I believe that the actual effect of thick smoke purification is based on physical filtration technology. It is best to choose a variety of purification technologies to avoid too fast clogging of the filter element. Mobile dust extraction equipment price, welding fume extraction price, how much is the polishing dust collector

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