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Which is better laser cutting soot purifier? PURE-AIR laser processing soot purification equipment manufacturing!

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Most of the metal material dust and smoke caused by laser drilling of the plate can be absorbed into the body by the body, which is very easy to cause a variety of lung diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis. The size of dust and smoke particles formed during production and processing, generally speaking, the smaller the particle size, the greater the impact of the formation, which will cause harm to the body, natural environment, and machinery and equipment. Medical treatment fume extractor is needed to effectively purify the air and dust!

Laser cutting smoke and dust are generally used to solve the problem of dry test dust removal, which is simple in structure, convenient in maintenance, stable in work, and has good dust removal. The metal cutting air filter is processed by laser, and it is discharged after unified filtering and solving. Most of the smoke and dust caused by cutting are generated under the wound of the product workpiece, so the vacuum negative pressure cutting service platform has become the most common smoke and dust collection equipment.

metal cutting air filter

In order to better reduce the investment in facilities and improve the efficiency of exhaust air, it is to achieve a higher collection of smoke and dust with a smaller air inlet volume-only the area that is in the whole process of cutting is carried out to solve the smoke and dust, so the cutting service platform It will be cut into (symmetrical) small enclosed areas along the sliding track of the cutting equipment, with suction openings on the side. The operation mode of the suction port is divided into the side suction movable suction port and the gate valve type suction port on the outside wall of the dust removal chamber. Because the auditorium is pre-embedded with air exhaust during the laser cutting machine, the dust removal server only needs to receive the dust removal tube on the air exhaust to carry out the dust removal solution.

metal cutting dust collector

The complete set of dust removal system software is tightly organized, and the design of small size and small road area fully takes into account the stability of the operating system and environmental protection.

At the entrance of the dust collector, there are flame traps and flow-sharing design schemes, which reduce the impact of dust vapor on the filter cartridge and increase the service life of the filter cartridge.

The overall design of the spacious shell reduces the frictional resistance of the dust collector itself.

Effective man-machine battle design conception, convenient facility repair and maintenance.

The excellent automatic control system design scheme of laser processing metal cutting dust collector can ensure that the machinery and equipment work under the standard of low power consumption from beginning to end.

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