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Aluminum alloy polished explosion-proof dust collector, explosion-proof dust collector, PURE-AIR quality manufacturing!

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In the professional explosion-proof dust removal industry, Environmental protection dust removal equipment such as PURE-AIR technology's aluminum alloy polished explosion-proof dust collector has a reputation of quality assurance, safety and reliability!

After the bypass is installed in the vortex dust collector, the dust-laden gas enters tangentially from the inlet, and when it obtains a rotating movement, the airflow separates up and down to form a double spiral motion. The dust is strongly separated at the double spiral boundary, and the coarse dust particles follow The lower swirling airflow enters, and the dust is separated by the outer wall of the lower cyclone, the dust is separated by the lower cyclone, and the dust is separated by the lower cyclone. 

Explosion-proof dust collector

The turbine can accumulate particulate dust and improve the efficiency of dust removal. This kind of dust particles moving upward by the upper spiral belt forms a strongly rotating upper dust ring under the top cover, and enters the upper opening of the bypass separation chamber together with the upper spiral spiral air flow, and the cone and internal air flow introduced through the return air inlet Converge to form a strong rotating upper dust ring.

The Explosion-proof dust collector is cleaned by cutting off the clean air outlet channel of a room first, making the air in a room still, and then performing back-blowing to clean the dust. After the dust is cleaned, it will settle naturally after a few seconds, and then open the clean gas outlet channel. The ash is thoroughly cleaned, and dust adsorption during the process of spraying and cleaning the ash is avoided.

Aluminum alloy polished explosion-proof dust collector

PURE-AIR technology, which has more than 10 years of industry experience in R&D and manufacturing, has made great achievements in environmental protection dust removal equipment, especially Aluminum alloy polished explosion-proof dust collector and other dust collectors. It has cooperated with many Fortune 500 companies in the world. Research technology to ensure real-time technological progress!

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