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Aluminum alloy polished explosion-proof dust collector, explosion-proof dust removal equipment manufacturer PURE-AIR technology!

Release date:2021-07-03 Source:Pure-Air Pageviews:-

In order to standardize, institutionalize, and operate uniformly, aluminum alloy Polishing explosion-proof dust collector, user management is tidy, equipment use efficiency is improved, and equipment operation procedures are strictly followed.

The aluminum alloy grinding explosion-proof dust collector adopts 380V voltage stabilization, and the power supply should be confirmed before use. If there is any abnormality, please contact a professional for assistance.

If the model you purchased is a normal model, please do not use it in flammable and explosive places. If the model filter system you buy is a common material (non-flame retardant material), it cannot absorb burning and high-temperature waste. The optional type has the pulse on-line automatic cleaning function. 

Industrial vacuum cleaner

Please provide the equipment with the internal air source of the factory immediately (for specific pressure, please consult the technical staff of Ibbot), so as not to affect the use effect of the equipment. It is strictly forbidden to use it without a filter bag or filter, otherwise the fan will be directly damaged. If the filter bag and filter are damaged, they should be replaced in time and must not be used.

The dust particles in the dust bucket should be cleaned immediately, and the filter bag and filter should be cleaned regularly according to the usage to make it smooth. The vacuum tube cannot be squashed, stepped on, or worn. The temperature of the box behind the box is very high, especially after working for a long time, it may burn.

Explosion-proof dust collector manufacturer

After the machine is overloaded, the thermal relay of the control box will automatically turn off the power. The power should be cut off, the cause should be found out, and the thermal relay can be used after resetting. After the work is over, cut off the power and put it in a cool and dry place. Effectively extend the life of industrial vacuum cleaners.

Aluminum alloy polished Explosion-proof dust collector manufacturer Warm reminder: The filter system of this equipment is a consumable, it is recommended to replace it every six months from the date of use.

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