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Cutting fume purification device, cutting pollution treatment equipment manufacturer PURE-AIR!

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With the continuous development of science and technology, metal cutting technology has changed from manual processing to automation, flame, plasma, automatic laser cutting and other fields. This efficient production process will produce a large amount of micro-smoke during the production process, which will seriously affect the environment and the health of workers. According to the different specifications of the cutting machine, under the premise of ensuring the dust removal effect, in line with the principles of convenient maintenance, economical operation, and low follow-up costs, a variety of cutting soot purifiers are designed for users to choose from.

Purify cutting fume

This is the cutting fume purification device system introduced above, that is, two sliding suction openings are set on both sides of the header. The sliding suction opening and the cutting machine move together, and the whole suction cutting work platform is between the grille and the grille. The interval constitutes the entire suction and cutting process. The lower part is a dry clapboard collection box, which can clean the internal cutting residue regularly as needed.

The utility model adopts a two-stage filtering method. After the smoke and dust generated by cutting are filtered by a spark catcher, the fine dust particles are filtered by a Cartridge type high efficiency dust removal filter, the fineness of the fine dust particles is high, and the cutting smoke and dust purification device.

Cartridge type high efficiency dust removal filter

It is worth mentioning that because the soot produced by the plasma cutting machine is similar to the soot produced by the flame cutting machine, the amount of soot is basically the same, but due to the different cutting accuracy, the flame cutting machine generates more waste, so the suction plate Make it into a special shape to facilitate Purify cutting fume!

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