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Dongguan Pure-Air help to choose high quality solder fume extraction

Release date:2021-03-29 Source:Pure-Air Pageviews:-

Both solder fume extractor filter & solder smoke absorber are used to solve the fume purifiers produced by PCB electronic soldering. 

Now with the rapid development of science and technology enterprises, China has gradually become the world's largest consumer group in the development of science and technology. Electronic products have created a huge domestic circuit board soldering industry in China, but companies have to face a serious problem that is how to solve the harmful smoke and dust pollution during soldering?

solder fume extractor filter

The following are the opinions of PURE-AIR solder fume extraction equipment manufacturers to major companies:

First, PCB factories should use ROHS tin wire when soldering components with electric soldering irons, and take precautions: wear gloves, masks or gas masks, pay attention to ventilation in the workplace, good exhaust systems, and pay attention to cleaning after work. The method of drinking milk can also prevent the toxicity of lead in solder.

1. Take a rest for a period of time: Generally, you need to rest for about 15 minutes in 1 hour to relieve fatigue, because the resistance is the worst when fatigue.

2. Smoke less and drink more water so that most of the harmful substances absorbed during the day can be eliminated.

3. Drink mung bean soup or honey water before going to bed. This can reduce the fire and help the mood. Also, mung beans and honey can eliminate the large amount of lead and radiation absorbed.

4. Avoid radiation, try to avoid it, use more phone PHS, use less mobile phone, use mobile phone when you can't go out.

5. Make the soldering iron brighter, and try to use a precise welding head, so that the temperature is reached, the welding oil and rosin can be used less, and the harm to the body can be reduced.

6. When the soldering oil and solder are smoking, try to tilt your head to the side as much as possible. When you brush the sky, turn your head to the side as much as possible. Try to hold your breath.

7. Use less thinner, more alcohol, and more alcohol for a while, the effect is similar.

8. Wash your hands.

9. Take a bath before going to bed as early as possible to go to bed and get up early to ensure adequate sleep. As long as you sleep well, impurities can basically be discharged with your body. Wear protective clothing.

solder smoke absorber

Of course the most important thing is, If you want to protect the worker, just contact with ‘Dongguan Pure-Air Tech Co.,Ltd’ to buy a solder fume extractor.