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Dongguan Pure-Air is a professional manufacturer of industrial dust removal, split dust collector and other purification equipment

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Pure-Air, a manufacturer of industrial dust removal equipment in Dongguan, has focused on industrial smoke and dust purification equipment for more than 10 years. Among them, split dust collectors are exported to many places at home and abroad, and there are many Fortune 500 companies.

Enterprises now have a basic understanding of the smoke and dust in the workshop, but many enterprises have suffered from the impact of the epidemic, and the orders have been greatly reduced. Many companies are reluctant to ask them to spend an extra fee to upgrade the smoke and dust purification equipment in the company's workshop. Faced with such a situation, it is directly affected that some Dongguan industrial dust removal companies have also been hit together, causing many companies to reduce costs as much as possible when facing the purchase of split dust collector accessories. This has led to a vicious circle. If the quality of the compressed dust collector is not used by the purchasing company, it will not be able to effectively solve the smoke and dust in the workshop.

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The R&D and manufacturing of various dust remover dust collectors requires companies to have a sense of social responsibility in order to maintain a good development trend in this industry. Otherwise, everyone does not want to be good and does not do research and development, which causes this industry to become a low-quality and rotten company.

In summary, the high-pressure pulse dust removal technology is a new type of dust removal technology with small size, low cost and good dust removal effect. In the above-mentioned dust removal device, except that the exhaust fan of the exhaust device is mechanically rotated and the dust suction electrode is periodically beaten, the other parts are static. The dust filters can be replaced regularly, so the high-voltage pulse dust removal device has high working reliability. Its application range is getting wider and wider. In the dust removal system of the chemical fertilizer industry, the high-voltage pulse dust removal device can be used to replace the old-fashioned dust collector. In the future, with the advancement of science and technology, and the continuous efforts of relevant staff, the emergence of more complete and efficient high-voltage pulse dust removal equipment, which also promotes its wider application.

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