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Among industrial dust removal companies, Pure-Air split dust collectors are relatively well-known in the industry. It also efficiently purifies the smoke and dust of industrial production and processing workshops, improves production efficiency, and helps enterprises to reduce the damage of precision equipment from smoke and dust pollution. Professional development and manufacturing of fume extractor, well-known in the industry.

dust collector for industry

Pure-Air dust collector for industry adopts high negative voltage pulse power supply (superimpose high voltage pulse on the DC base voltage slightly lower than the corona initiation voltage), which can overcome the shortcomings of constant DC high voltage power supply and greatly improve the performance of the electrostatic precipitator. Compared with constant voltage power supply, high-voltage pulse power supply can reduce the discharge rate of dust by 99.7% and energy consumption by 88%. Therefore, this high-voltage pulse dust removal technology is gradually receiving more and more attention. This kind of technology has already achieved large-scale industrial applications abroad.

As a high negative pressure pulse dust collector, in addition to the DC base voltage, the requirements for the high voltage pulse are: it should have a sufficiently high amplitude and repetition frequency, and a sufficiently small front time and pulse width. In addition, in order to further reduce energy consumption, it is also hoped that the circuit has an energy recovery function. In order to further improve the efficiency of the high-voltage pulse dust collector, a pre-ionization device can be added. And this pre-ionization device uses high-voltage fast pulses (on the order of nanoseconds) to generate corona discharge on the electrodes. When dust or particles pass through the corona discharge area, they are charged to be charged in the electrostatic precipitator. Clear. In this way, the automatic dust removal is realized, and the time wasted in the shutdown of the dust collector for dust removal is greatly reduced.

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