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Laser fume endangers the health of employees, laser fume purifier manufacturer Pure-Air solves the problem!

Release date:2021-01-27 Source:Pure-Air Pageviews:-

Don't let company employees work in a working environment that does not use laser smoke filters! Comparing different conditions, it can be seen that if the laser smoke filter is not used during work, too much smoke and dust will damage the scanning head of the laser device and contaminate the lens.

The smoke generated during laser processing first has the most direct impact on the laser processing equipment itself, especially the high-density laser head, which is greatly affected by smoke. A long time will directly affect the normal use of the laser machine and shorten the working time of the laser machine.

laser processing equipment

Compared with equipment, the bodies of more vulnerable workers are more susceptible to smoke and dust. The health of workers exposed to smoke and dust is even more worrying. With the popularization and application of laser processing equipment, smoke and dust as an additional product have also become the object of attention. When purchasing laser machines, more companies take the smoke and dust into consideration, and pay attention to adopting measures to avoid smoke and dust from causing health to employees hurt. Or it is the first time to equip laser smoke filters to protect the health of corporate staff.

The composition of the smoke generated by the laser machine during processing is more complex. The composition of the smoke produced by different materials after being processed by the laser machine is not the same, usually containing dust and toxic and odorous gases. The most common ingredients are cresol, phenylphenol, benzene, chromium, formaldehyde, styrene, etc., which will affect the liver, kidney, lung, skin, eyes, respiratory tract and other organs of the human body to varying degrees, leading to the occurrence of various diseases . The use of smoke absorption purifiers will absorb smoke and dust in the production environment, effectively reducing its harm to the human body.

fume extractor

Pure-Air, dedicated to the research and development of safety/smart/healthy smoke purification equipment for 10 years. With the industry-leading 5-fold safety protection, 10 technical standards, and 15 factory inspection procedures, it provides high-quality, energy-saving and environmentally friendly laser smoke filters for the majority of enterprises.

If you want to buy a laser fume extractor, please contact ‘Dongguan Pure-Air Tech Co.,Ltd’.