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Laser processing dust removal equipment, dust removal equipment PURE-AIR laser smoke purifier.

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1. Laser cutting smoke and dust endanger your health

The smoke and dust caused by laser cutting are mostly mixed with very fine particulate matter or atmospheric aerosol. If it is not resolved and is inhaled by actual operators for a long time, it may cause a variety of occupational hazards. For example, pneumoconiosis, which has changed the color we are talking about, and other upper respiratory tract infections, at the same time, it is also harmful to the eyes and skin. industrial cyclone dust collector

industrial dust

2. Laser cutting, smoke and dust, environmental pollution, laser equipment

The laser cutter is excellent in laser cutting processing technology, but it is also particularly sensitive when dealing with smoke and dust environmental pollution, especially the optical glass inside the laser cutting head. If it is polluted by the smoke and dust environment for a long time, it is very easy to cause damage to parts and even glasses. Film hazards, which seriously endanger the capital safety of machinery and equipment in the manufacturing workshop and the progress of the manufacturing movement. And if the laser equipment imported by the factory at a price is destroyed only because of the pollution of the smoke and dust, it is really not worth it! industrial dust

industrial dust collector manufacturers

3. Environmental assessment results of laser cutting smoke and dust

Everyone knows that the current environmental protection supervision has become more and more stringent, and even some workshops have been granted administrative permission without opening the dust removal equipment. Obviously, if the dust removal equipment is not equipped, what might happen to the factory? situation. Therefore, even in terms of environmental assessment alone, it is extremely necessary to equip industrial dust collector manufacturers!

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