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In order to better speed up work and increase efficiency, and at the same time, to better develop the trend from the perspective of contemporary new industrialized factories, many sheet metal production and processing workshops have gradually introduced laser cutting machinery and equipment! industrial fume extraction

In people’s imagination, lasers belong to innovative technologies, which seem to be "cut when light is reached" and are green and environmentally friendly. Many factories also think that having laser equipment is a good thing. Machines and equipment such as smoke purification equipment are Did not take it into consideration anymore. However, the specific situation is not the case. Because laser cutting is a production and processing of thin metal plates, it will not only cause flames, but also continue to cause a certain amount of smoke and dust, and this kind of smoke and dust has a lot of harm! industrial fume extraction systems

industrial fume extraction systems

Therefore, in order to better ensure the health of employees and the reliable operation of laser equipment, and at the same time to better solve environmental assessment, the laser cutting workshop must be equipped with technical and professional purification treatment and dust removal equipment! Like Liwei Environmental Protection, this laser supporting facility ash and smoke purifier was specially developed for laser working scenarios. It is not only available for laser cutting, but also for laser welding.

industrial fume extractor filters-1

This type of laser cutting dust removal equipment has a compact structure and a small total area, which is conducive to factory installation; it is equipped with high-efficiency exhaust fans, high-quality nano-technology filter materials, good characteristics, and the smoke and dust purification treatment rate reaches 99%, which can reasonably handle laser cutting The smoke and dust environmental pollution problem in the whole process.

——If your company has not yet installed the supporting industrial fume extractor filters, then please hurry up and consult!

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