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Laser workshop fume purifier, PURE-AIR laser fume purification equipment manufacturer.

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The advantages of industrial ash smoke extractor puller air purify for laser:

1. The overall plan of the integrated structure of smoke filtering, the installation is simple and clear, and it is easy to move, without laying smoke pipes.

2. The high-power DC brushless DC motor has a long service life and low noise, resulting in a higher total gas flow.

3. The overall planning of the triple filtration of smoke filter ensures that harmful substances in the smoke are filtered out and the body's safety is maintained.

4. The built-in smoke filtering circulation system gas filtering method prevents the air conditioner/radiator in the room from being discharged outdoors.

industrial clean equipment

5. Multi-station overall planning, adjustable exhaust air volume, and PPR raw material soft smoking arm carefree. 6. Low-noise overall planning

2. Industrial clean equipment, the scale of operation of laser smoke purifier

The smoke purification and filtration management system can digest, absorb and filter the smoke and smoke formed in the production process of electric welding, laser laser marking, laser hand engraving, etc., and it can be harmful to the toxic and harmful vapor and smoke during the period, such as Nitrogen oxides, etc. have the actual effect of absorbing and filtering thoroughly, preventing air pollution.

industrial cyclone, the main parameters of laser smoke purifier

Purification exhaust air volume: 680 cubic meters/hour (adjustable exhaust air volume)

industrial cyclone

Switching power supply: 220V, 50HZ

Input power: 350W

Sound at work: below 55dBA

Purification rate: above 98%

Filtration management system: pre-filter

Vapor filtration management system: activated carbon and organic chemical carbon molecular sieve

The purification management system is specifically for the purification of laser production and processing, laser diagnosis and treatment, dispensing, three anti-paints, and chemical experiment operations.

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