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In today’s rapidly developing China, laser processing as an advanced manufacturing technology has entered the public’s field of vision, and has been widely used in automobile sheet metal, electronic manufacturing, electrical appliances, aviation, metal smelting, machining and other important parts of the domestic ecological economy. For the improvement of product quality and labor production efficiency, automation, pollution-free, and less consumables have played an increasingly important role. For these fume and dust PURE-AIR, as a manufacturer of laser marking fume purifiers, the hepa solder fume extractor produced can solve the problem of fume purification.

quiet solder fume extractor

The specific display process of laser processing includes laser marking, laser drilling, laser engraving, laser welding, laser cutting, heat treatment, cladding, etc. During the processing and production process, harmful smoke and dust will be generated. If it is not treated immediately, it will not only affect The quality of the processed products and the workshop environment will also affect the health of the staff. Aiming at all corresponding processes such as laser marking, PURE-AIR has developed a fume purifier that matches with laser processing, and has a complete laser processing fume purification equipment. As a pioneer in the domestic well-known fume purification field, laser marking fume purifiers Manufacturer, manufacturer of quiet solder fume extractor, PURE-AIR has been working hard in the field of smoke and dust purification, and made high-efficiency and high-quality smoke purification equipment.

1. When laser marking metal, the dust produced is mainly fine metal dust particles. This kind of dust is easy to block the filter with ordinary smoke purifiers on the market, and the cost of consumables will increase. In response to this situation, PURE-AIR has developed a new series of laser marking metal fume purifiers, which can avoid the problem of filter element clogging.

solder station fume extractor

2. When laser marking non-metals, the dust produced is mainly micro dust and smoke. This type of dust mainly has the characteristics of small particle size, stickiness, and peculiar smell. It not only solves the problem of dust particles blocking the filter element, but also To solve the problem of peculiar smell, for this kind of laser marking situation, the brand-new self-developed solder station fume extractor can effectively solve the above problems.

Dongguan PURE-AIR, as a manufacturer of laser marking smoke purifiers, is responsible for making smoke and dust purification products, and developing new products to keep up with the lasers that are updated in real time, so that these lasers are in an ideal state during operation.

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