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Small dust removal equipment, lab air filtration and other dust purification equipment manufacturers, PURE-AIR technology, ten years of rich and colorful equipment manufacturing experience.

Small-scale dust removal equipment. Lab dust collector dust acetylene gas enters the shell from the inlet of the cloth bag type dust collector, and it is filtered according to the filter bag, and the dust is left on the inner surface of the filter bag. The purified acetylene gas enters the centrifugal fan according to the filter bag, and is sucked by the centrifugal fan and immediately discharged into the room (it can also be discharged to the outdoors). With the addition of the filtering time, the dust adhering to the inner surface of the filter bag is constantly added, and the friction of the filter bag rises, accompanied by damage to the dust removal effect. Use mechanical automatic ash removal organization for timely shaking or manual ash removal. After standby, it does not resolutely vibrate for tens of seconds to shake off the dust sticking to the inner surface of the filter bag, and the dust falls into the material drawer cabinet.

lab dust collector

Small dust removal equipment, lab fume extraction has the characteristics of compact and reasonable structure, easy and convenient operation, low noise, good dust removal, and can be used in large, medium and small places and laboratories immediately.

lab fume extraction

When the dust vapor enters the bag filter, the dust with large fine particles and a large proportion will settle out due to the expected effect of the force, and fall into the collection drawer. The vapor with finer dust is based on When the system is filtered, the dust is retained, so that the vapor can be purified and resolved. At this stage, everyone has mastered the extremes of the geographical environment, which is a serious threat to all normal daily life of everyone. In order to better be able to better the daily life of everyone in the future in the geographical environment, now we must set an example. Environmental improvement is urgent.

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