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PA-1500SH-X Fume Extractor Specification

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It is suitable for the collection and filtration of single-station manual arc welding, argon arc welding, two-shield welding, grinding and polishing.

Working principle:

The high-performance fan in the purifier generates negative pressure, sucks smoke and exhaust gas into the filter, and purifies it by imported high-efficiency filter cartridge for indoor discharge. The filter cartridge can be reused after being blown with compressed air.

PA-1500SH-X Fume Extractor Specification

Features and benefits:

(1). Special structure design, small body size, low running noise and movable;

(2). Adopting special aluminum alloy impeller and Siemens three-phase motor, perfect combination of negative pressure and flow; stable operation, low failure rate and continuous operation;

(3). Set the main switch of the power supply, the electronic control components adopt thermal overload protection, phase loss and phase sequence protection, high safety, and can achieve remote control and linkage control functions;

(4). Standard configuration of Toray Japan's high-efficiency membrane-coated filter cartridges, with a smoke and dust filtration efficiency of up to 99.7%@0.3 microns (note: our self-test);

(5). A fire blocking device is installed at the air inlet to prevent sparks from directly contacting the filter cartridge and damaging the filter cartridge;

(6). A manual dust cleaning door is set up to clean dust inside the machine to prevent dust leakage;

(7). The universal joint suction arm can be hovered at any position 360 degrees. The smoking hood adopts a large-caliber design, which can inhale smoke and dust most efficiently. The smoking arm hose is made of polyester, which is fireproof and flame retardant.


PA-1500SH-X Fume Extractor Specification-1

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