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PURE-AIR laser fume purifier, purify laser processing fume pollution, protect the safety of enterprise equipment and personnel!

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Since 2000, in order to speed up the production and processing efficiency, and also to develop in the direction of more modern industrialization, many metal sheet processing workshops at home and abroad have begun to introduce laser cutting equipment for processing operations!

In our imagination, laser is a very powerful high-tech, it seems to be "cutting with light", green and pollution-free. Many factories also think that with laser equipment, everything can be done, such as air cleaner for inkjet printing. Such supporting environmental protection purification equipment is not considered.

But the actual situation is not what these laser cutting companies imagined. Because laser cutting is processing metal sheets, it will not only generate sparks, but also generate a certain amount of soot and dust, and these soot and dust have a lot of harm!

air cleaner for inkjet printing

1. Laser cutting smoke affects human health

In the process of laser cutting, most of the smoke and dust is a mixture of extremely fine particles or aerosol. If it is not treated and inhaled by the laser operator for a long time, it may cause a variety of occupational diseases. For example, let's talk about pneumoconiosis of discoloration, and other respiratory infections, etc. At the same time, it also has certain damage to the eyes, skin and other body organs.

air cleaner for laser machine

2. Laser cutting smoke pollution laser equipment

Laser cutters are extremely advanced in cutting technology, but they are very fragile in environments with strong smoke and dust, especially the high-precision optical lenses inside the laser cutting head. If they are polluted by smoke and dust for a long time, it is easy to cause parts to be scrapped or even lenses. The damage will reduce the laser processing accuracy and the yield rate, and seriously affect the equipment and property safety of the production workshop and the progress of production activities. Moreover, if the air cleaner for printing introduced by the factory is expensive, it is not worth it if it is damaged only because of the smoke and dust pollution!

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