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Mobile welding fume dust collector, welding machine dust removal equipment, PURE-AIR equipment, the choice of welding companies!

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Mobile welding fume dust collector, Dust removal equipment for welding machine, is a miniaturized and efficient air purification device. It is suitable for all kinds of independent dust collectors, which is flexible and convenient, collects dust on the spot, and handles it on the spot, which can ensure the air cleanliness. Its basic structure is composed of dust box, centrifugal fan, filter bag (filter cartridge), dust collector, microcomputer controller, etc. The dust is sucked into the vacuum cleaner box through the vacuum tube through the negative pressure of the fan, using gravity and upward airflow After the initial filtration by the filter, it is directly reduced to the mobile welding fume dust collector and the welding machine dust removal equipment. The particulate dust is captured by the filter to the outer surface. The clean gas is decomposed and purified through the filter element of the filter and flows into the clean room. It is discharged from the air outlet of the fan. The combined effects of gravity, inertia, collision, electrostatic adsorption, sieving, etc. lead to the entire dust removal and filtration process.

Fume purification

PURE-AIR company specializes in the production of mobile dust collectors, welding exhaust gas collection equipment, smoke and dust treatment equipment, and dust purification equipment. The main products are: Mobile welding fume dust collector, welding machine dust collector, movable exhaust gas purifier, exhaust gas purifying equipment, welding fume dust collector, various types of dust collectors.

Mobile welding fume dust collector

Nowadays, the awareness of environmental protection is increasing, and the utilization rate of equipment is getting higher and higher. Taking the Fume purification device from the perspective of the equipment with a purification efficiency of 78% at the beginning, the purification efficiency of the equipment can be as high as 99.7%, which can completely achieve the goal. Regardless of the state of smokelessness, even some units require deodorizing effects on the basis of purifying oil fume. It can be seen that due to the application of mobile welding fume dust collectors and welding machine dust removal equipment, they are still very popular in the market.

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