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Release date:2021-05-11 Source:Pure-Air Pageviews:-

For high-efficiency purification of dust and smoke in the workshop, use PURE-AIR pulse dust collector and cabinet dust collector.

Pulse dust collector, cabinet dust collector, because the filtration of dust is continuously carried out, the single-pulse atomizing nozzle in the opposite direction cleans the filter on time to avoid clogging of the filter. Dust settles on the foundation in the silo and migrates to the dust collector box or storage tank according to the rotating gas lock valve.

vacuum cleaner

The practical significance of pulse dust collectors and cabinet fume extractor for dust removal. Bag dust collectors are in the period of filtering smoke and dust. Because the collected dust increases, and the cyclone gradually increases and decreases, the frictional resistance of the filter bag to the cyclone gradually Increased, the solution exhaust volume is also reduced in accordance with the working pressure-exhaust volume characteristics of commonly used centrifugal fans and exhaust systems.

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When the frictional resistance of the pulse vacuum cleaner and the cabinet dust collector rises to a certain level, if the dust cannot be eliminated immediately, it will cause such problems: because the frictional resistance increases, the electromagnetic energy consumption of the dust removal equipment is large, and the operation is not Economic development friction resistance exceeds the value allowed by the design of the dust removal equipment, and the dust removal equipment cannot meet the requirements. After the dust is deposited in the filter bag, the gap is reduced, and the gas flow rate needs to be increased. When it reaches a certain level. It will cause the dust layer to create "" and gaps, and even a lot of gas will pass through the gaps with small frictional resistance, resulting in a "vapor leakage" situation, which harms the actual effect of ash removal. The bag filter must eliminate the dust accumulated on the surface of the filter bag according to a certain method in the whole application process.

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