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Pure-Air industry machine optional smoke evacuator both for co2 laser machine&fiber laser machine.

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Pure-Air laser cutting fume extraction system&laser engraving machine air filter and other equipment, reliable quality, advanced technology, worry-free after-sales!

With the improvement of living standards, contemporary people's regulations on physical and mental health, living environment and office environment are getting higher and higher. Many people are looking forward to finding a lighter and cleaner job. Therefore, in a dirty factory, Sometimes it is difficult to recruit employees even for high-paying positions. Even if employees are recruited, the work is relatively lax because the environment is harmful to people.

laser engraving machine air filter

When the big power laser fume extractor is applied in the factory, it can remove the wastes caused by the production of dust on the factory floor, walls, and high steel roof truss. Compared with the traditional dust removal method, its labor The efficiency is low, the application saves time and effort, and the clean-up level of all production lines can be easily maintained without any effort. The employees will be happy physically and mentally in such a natural environment, which invisibly improves work efficiency. Therefore, having an industrial vacuum cleaner in the factory is a kind of mentality, a kind of care, a kind of attention to the employees, and it can also enhance the corporate brand image.

Therefore, for some production and processing enterprises, how to equip them with professional workshop fume purification equipment such as laser engraver and cutting machine fume extractor has a great impact on the enterprise. Dongguan Pure-Air Tech Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of industrial smoke and dust purification equipment for 10 years. Welcome to our factory for visits, guidance and consultation!

big power laser fume extractor

If you want to buy laser dust collector for your workstation, please contact with ‘Dongguan Pure-Air Tech Co.,Ltd.’.