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Modern society has not only brought people a good life, but also brought a lot of smoke and dust pollution. A large amount of smoke and dust will be generated during the production and construction processes such as welding, cutting, polishing, and mixing.

Welders often produce toxic gases during the welding process. For example, acetaldehyde, rosin acid, nitrogen oxides, sulfides, hydrocarbons, etc. Fly across the sky. It invades the liver, lungs, cardiovascular and blood of the human body through the respiratory system. Such poisons seriously endanger human health. Cause many occupational diseases such as lung cancer, asthma, eczema, bronchitis, skin allergies, unisexual respiratory infections, etc. In severe cases, it can disrupt the central nervous system, destroy the digestive system, and cause complications and failure. Welding dust collector, Mobile stand-alone dust collector in welding workshop, can effectively purify the air and create a beautiful and healthy working environment for you.

Efficient flue gas purifier

Welding vacuum equipment, mobile stand-alone dust collector for welding workshop is an Efficient flue gas purifier designed according to various industrial needs. It is suitable for local welding flue gas treatment. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and economy. Different types of arm boxes can be selected. And exhaust fan, exert the greatest dust removal effect under different working conditions. The mobile Welding fume purifier runs smoothly, moves flexibly, has a high smoking rate, is simple to operate, and has low follow-up maintenance costs.

Welding fume purifier

Principle of operation: The suction arm sucks the smoke and dust generated by the purification device when it is working. One is to separate and cut off the Martian dust particles and large particles by welding the dust suction equipment, the first layer of the fire barrier of the mobile stand-alone dust collector in the welding workshop; the first filter air enters the second layer of the filter cartridge protection plate (inlet baffle) . The protection plate divides the flow to prevent residual sparks from directly entering the main filter cartridge, and the divided dust-containing gas enters the core filter system of the main filter cartridge, achieving a filtration effect of 99.7%. The main filter element has high filtration accuracy and can meet the indoor emission standard, and the filtered clean air is directly discharged into the room through the exhaust port of the purifier. The three-dimensionally installed filter is not easy to leave dust in the filter cartridge slot when dust is removed, and the dust of each filter cartridge falls directly into the dust collection box without mutual contamination.

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