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Pure-Air, Safe Laser Fume Purification Equipment Manufacturer!

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The laser cutting process and technology is basically known to many large laser processing companies, but the laser cutting process is not very friendly to the staff. In recent years, the term "occupational disease" has gradually entered everyone's field of vision. With the development trend of environmental protection and the improvement of everyone's awareness of protection, the occupational health of on-duty workers has also become more and more concerned. Generally responsible companies may consider purchasing a qualified laser cutting fume extractor to solve this problem.

laser cutting extractor

Long-term work in a dusty environment will be harmful to the respiratory tract. For example, the familiar chronic or acute bronchitis and other respiratory diseases are caused by smoke and fine particles floating in the air into the respiratory system with inhalation. Some particles will deposit in the lungs and enter the human blood, which can easily cause disease. The fume extractor can collect and purify the smoke and exhaust gas generated during laser cutting very well, and can effectively prevent laser cutting workers from inhaling hazardous smoke and prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases.

The laser cutting fume extractor can absorb and purify the harmful gas and smoke generated during cutting in the first time, ensuring that enterprise staff can work for a long time. Enterprises do not have to be careful about disputes over compensation caused by their health. Laser heads of laser processing equipment are generally high-precision equipment. Long-term exposure of such equipment to smoke and dust will increase equipment wear and tear, and long-term maintenance will cause high maintenance costs for enterprises. The smoke purifier effectively solves the problem of smoke and dust in the workshop, so that these precision equipment can work in a clean and smoke-free environment for a long time, thereby prolonging the service life of the equipment, greatly reducing the maintenance cost of the enterprise equipment, making the enterprise equipment more valuable and the staff healthier.

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Pure-Air Fume Extraction System, 5 layers of safety protection, 10 years of R&D and manufacturing, 10 technical standards, 15 factory inspections, and complete China's safety/smart/healthy smoke purification equipment.