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Dust collectors may not be familiar to ordinary consumers, but companies that have been troubled by smoke and dust for a long time know very well. These processing and production factories have been paying attention to the dust collector industry, hoping to provide them with better smoke and dust treatment equipment . For example the work shop of laser cutting, laser marking, soldering, welding, printing, 3D Printing, metal working etc

dust collectors

1) Among the many domestic dust collectors, generally speaking, the greater the dust concentration at the inlet, the higher the dust removal power. However, this will increase the dust concentration at the outlet, so we cannot abstractly consider that the dust is handled well only from the high dust collection power.

2) Therefore, the filter system of the dust collector is also very important. A good filter core can effectively prevent the secondary dust pollution of the dust collector.

3) In the filter dust collector, the lower the initial dust concentration, the better the overall dust removal function. Therefore, companies need to understand the dust content of the chassis in the dust collector during the daily maintenance of the dust collector. If there is too much, it is recommended to clean it in time.

4) The smaller the dust particle size, the larger the specific surface area and the greater its adhesion. In the dust collector, dust adheres to the wall due to centrifugal force, and there is a risk of blockage. However, the simple use of the bag filter to filter the gas will also cause the problem of pore blockage. According to the examples of companies in cooperation, it is indicated that the adhesion of dust plays an important role in the formation of the dust primary layer of filter dust removal. The adhesion of dust is not only related to its specific surface area, but also related to the composition of the dust, the properties of the gas, and the characteristics of the adhesion of the dust to each other.

industrial dust collector

There are still many issues that major companies need to consider when purchasing dust collectors. Therefore, if you are a purchaser of a certain factory, you must consider the above when purchasing dust collectors. Please pay for some of the more important knowledge mentioned. If you still don’t understand the truth, you can directly ask the manufacturer who bought it, and the manufacturer will answer all your doubts in detail. When companies buy dust collectors, only all aspects are considered, and they can buy dust collectors that can be assured of quality and quantity.

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