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PURE-AIR, welding vacuum equipment, mobile stand-alone dust collector for welding workshop, factory direct sales!

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Welding vacuum equipment, the advantages of mobile stand-alone dust collectors in welding workshops have been continuously discovered and promoted. The plant has reliable purification effects, high quality and high efficiency. It has solved the environmental pollution of the workshop and the health of employees from the source, and has brought practical benefits to more and more enterprises. Such a good piece of equipment, you might as well learn more about it.

Welding vacuum equipment, the mobile stand-alone dust collector in the welding workshop only needs to be connected to the power supply, start switch and back blow switch during use. Workers work on the table, and the dust generated during work enters the lower filter room through the fan for purification. , The slightly larger dust particles fall directly into the ash accumulation tank under the action of gravity, and those micron-level dust particles are uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the filter cartridge, and the purified clean gas can be discharged from the exhaust hole.

Mobile stand-alone dust collector

With the accumulation of dust, the PURE-AIR welding vacuum equipment, the pulse dust removal device on the mobile stand-alone dust collector in the welding workshop will soon be put into use. At this time, the pulse valve is controlled from the inside to the outside under the action of the controller. The filter cartridge is sprayed to remove dust. This design can keep the filter cartridge clean, which not only maintains a certain purification efficiency, but also prolongs its service life. The dust removal process does not need to be supervised by someone, and it can also save time and energy for the enterprise.

Workshop mobile stand-alone dust collector

What are the advantages of welding vacuum equipment, welding Workshop mobile stand-alone dust collector?

The filter material can be selected, and the appropriate filter cartridge material can be selected according to the nature of the dust to achieve targeted dust removal;

Smooth operation, low noise, low maintenance costs; small design not only takes up a small space, but also can be moved without affecting the normal operation of other equipment; stable replacement of consumables, fast and convenient after-sales, so that you have no worries about after-sales.

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