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Welding fume purifier, purification and efficient, PURE-AIR 10 years of quality manufacturing!

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cheap robot vacuum cleaner, focusing on manufacturing all kinds of industrial smoke and dust purification equipment, PURE-AIR technology!

Leaded solder paste is a chemical raw material that mixes various ingredients. It should be remembered to prevent it from being smelled several times at close range, let alone taking it. During the electric welding operation, a part of the thick smoke caused by the flux in the soldering paste can irritate the respiratory system software of the human body and cause discomfort when exposed to the exhaust gas for a long time or continuously. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure good natural ventilation in the workplace, and automatic welding equipment must be equipped with sufficient gas-water separators to discharge exhaust gas. The necessary precautions should be taken to prevent the solder paste from touching the skin and eyes. If you accidentally touch your skin, you should immediately wash it with tap water for more than ten minutes and send it to a major hospital for treatment as soon as possible. china robot vacuum cleaner

china robot vacuum cleaner

During the surgical treatment period, eating is not allowed. Before smoking and eating, wash your hands with soap or warm water for disinfection.

Although the organic solvent system software of this product has a high open flash point, it is still flammable and open flames should be avoided. In the event of an unexpected fire accident, carbon dioxide or organic chemical fire extinguishers can be used to fight the fire. Never use tap water for fire fighting. Waste solder paste and towels with solder paste after cleaning cannot be thrown away casually. It should be placed in a closed glass container and resolved in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the country and location. collector dust

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